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AEYE-DS is the first ever FDA-cleared AI technology to autonomously diagnose

diabetic retinopathy (DR) using a portable retinal camera

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The only autonomous diabetic retinopathy screening solution that is portable

 Screen patients at-home and instantly receive a diagostic result from the FDA-cleared AI

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See Aurora AEYE in action
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Portable camera enabling point of screening, anywhere, whether at home or in-clinic

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Internet-connected camera automatically processes exams and provide a diagnostic result on the spot

Advantages of Aurora-AEYE

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Enables point of care screenings anywhere,  whether at home or in-clinic

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1-minute Screening

Requires only one image per eye; rarely requires dilation;  producing instant diagnosis

Benefits of Point-of-Care Screening

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Dedicated CPT code 92229 for AI diabetic retinopathy screening

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Closes Care Gaps

Closes the care diabetic eye gap, improving HEDIS scores and and Star ratings

Indications for Use

The AEYE-DS is indicated for use by health care providers to automatically detect more than mild diabetic retinopathy (mtmDR) in adults diagnosed with diabetes who have not been previously diagnosed with diabetic retinopathy. AEYE-DS is indicated for use with the Topcon NW400 camera and the Optomed Aurora camera.

Accuracy & Usability

In an FDA clinical study assessing  the detection of more-than-mild diabetic retinopathy, the AEYE-DS exhibited sensitivity range of 92%-93% and specificity range of 89%-94 93% when utilizing a single image per eye with the Optomed Aurora camera.

How it works

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A single image per eye is obtained with the Aurora camera


Images are analyzed by the AEYE-DS AI


Diagnostic result returned in under a minute

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